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Ultrasonography in Anaesthesiology

Basic Priniciples, Needle Navigation, Vascular Access, Nerve Blocks, Diagnosis of Dyspnoea

320 Pages – 632 Images – 39 scanning procedures

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This pocket-sized book written „from clinicians for clinicians“ is a perfect guide for beginners and professionals for their daily work in the operation theatre and on the intensive care unit. It may be used as a systematic textbook or as a useful source for specific questions.

Each chapter is divided in the same systematic way and complemented with numerous illustrations.

Anatomical information and clinical tips are combined to illustrate each sonographical plane.

With many illustrations and short anatomical information as well as structured descriptions of various ultrasound guided -procedures, we try to put the focus on anatomical key-structures. This should enable the user to reliable diagnose them and perform interventions safely. With „tips and tricks“, we share our practical experience with everybody to support a hands on approach and make US guided procedures safe.

We wish to inspire you with our experiences!
Wolf Armbruster – Rüdiger Eichholz – Thomas Notheisen